Our Objections

• We do not wish to lose the snooker hall which is a popular leisure venue used by many locals of all ages, It provides an excellent alternative to the pubs in the area.

• This store would be open 7am-11pm seven days a week. Its
lorries would be stopping on Mill Road (and blocking it) to make
deliveries – stopping for a total of over 3.5 hours a week – on a
very crowded and dangerous section of Mill Road. This will
cause problems for pedestrians, cyclists, cars, buses and
emergency vehicles.

• We already have a large number of convenience stores and do
not need any more. We already have a huge variety of foods on
sale in Mill Road. The variety of goods on sale in the
‘Sainsbury’s Local’ does not match the larger stores and their
prices will be higher than in their Coldhams Lane store for
instance. (This is fact for all similar ‘local’ stores operated by the
large food chains.)

• The presence of a ‘Sainsbury’s Local’ will force out independent
shops, through rent and rate increases, leading to another
‘Clone Street’

You can see the full planning application by visiting: