No to Sainsbury’s on Mill Road – update

Objections to the proposed Sainsbury’s on Mill Rd must be submitted to the City Council by the 29th July 2011. We need volunteers for a number of tasks that need to be done this week and for next Saturday.

1. A flyer is being produced to be circulated to the houses in and around Mill Road, Romsey and Petersfield. They should be ready by Monday and will include all the details required for anyone to lodge an objection to the planning permission sought by Sainsbury’s on the Mickey Flynn sight. I need volunteers to distribute these flyers. We hope to have them ready as soon as possible (Monday morning). If you can give me a few hours of your time and let me know where you can deliver them I would be grateful. As said before they need to go in Mill Road and of the streets on both side of the bridge. There will be 2,500 of them so there’s plenty to go round.

2. The traffic survey needs more volunteers as well. I’ve had a number of people come forward but as you will see from the attached sheets there is still loads of space on the rotas to be filled. Again if you could spend some time doing this we will be able to have our own evidence as to the potential numbers using the store rather than rely on those Sainsbury’s will give. Please let me know if you can donate any time on this as well.

3. In order to alert people to upcoming date for objections, we are organising an event to take place on Mill Rd by the Bath House on 23rd July from midday to 2pm.


This is a call-out for volunteers to: perform music (Hopefully Carol with her Mill Road Preservation Society song will be there), make street theatre, collect signatures, give out leaflets, staff the Milly Card stall, encourage people to write in their objections to the council. We need lots of supporters to organise, entertain and generally mill on Mill Road…

If you’d like to offer to help, please reply to

Jean is organising this and it would be great if we can make a real presence outside Mickey Flynns. We will be creating a number of vinyl banners as well soon to be displayed around Mill Road to let people know that there is a viable opposition to the proposed store and this event will add to this. Please feel free to bring your own skills to the event if you think they would be useful no matter what they are. We will do our best to incorporate them. This should be a lot of fun and if the weather is nice (unlike today) a great time should be had by all.

That’s about all for now. The flyer and a draft objection letter will be circulated on the announcements list soon, so please look out for them. Please feel free to ask any questions about the info in this e mail, and please remember that together we can keep Sainsbury’s of our street.

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